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Doug Polk/Daniel Negreanu Heads Up Challenge Ends With Polk Dominant Winner


After a three-month battle that, for some, was never in doubt, the “Heads Up Challenge” between Poker Hall of Famer Daniel Negreanu and online legend Doug Polk has come to an end. More than 25,000 hands of poker were played and, in the end, both players were complimentary of the other. Compliments aren’t the scoreboard, however, and that read out that Polk had won the Challenge, finishing with a $1.2 million victory in the event.

Wednesday Action Closes Out the Fight

When the duo came to the virtual felt on on Wednesday afternoon, they knew that this was probably the last day of the battle. With two tables of $200/$400 action going and a little more than 1000 hands left on the clock, the end was nigh with Polk holding a safe edge of over $900,000. The question wasn’t whether Polk was going to win the challenge, it was whether he would break the million mark in doing so.

The opening salvos went in the favor of Negreanu. In a key hand, Polk would river a straight, but Negreanu caught a flush with the same river card to scoop up a decent pot of nearly $40,000. The good fortune would continue for Negreanu as he won by making hands (a full house for over $25,000) and by playing some power poker (a jam on a three-spade, double paired board). Over the first few hours of action, Negreanu was able to chop around $150,000 off the Polk edge.

As typical of the action throughout the Challenge, Polk was able to respond quickly. He was the beneficiary of a four-flush, holding the Ace when Negreanu held the King, and Polk got a key double up in a pot of $180,000. That, along with some other action through the day, would see Polk end up with a $255,722 edge over the final 1718 hands and close out the Challenge.

Newfound Respect Between the Players

After an acrimonious start between the twosome (and some tense moments through the Challenge), the close came almost as a relief to the players. Over his Twitter account, Polk recounted the final score and, in an understatement, simply said “We won, guys. We did it.” Negreanu was also complimentary of the play of Polk, saying over the GGPoker stream, “He played well, no question about that.”

The two players commiserated over Twitter prior to the close of the Challenge and, it seems, they are willing to discuss the overall event in more depth:

Yup. I’d do that. Hopefully we can actually get hand histories and compare. Would love to see some of those early 4x pot river jams in the bet overbet overbet lines.The ones I called and saw were mostly the nuts!— Daniel Negreanu (@RealKidPoker) February 2, 2021

That discussion would be VERY worthwhile.

In looking back at the Challenge, Negreanu obviously made a few mistakes. First off, he probably should have gotten more of the action to be played in a live setting, which is much more his game. Even after a year of retirement, Polk’s game took little time to get into shape and to have nearly all the play at (the first 200 hands were played live on PokerGO) was definitely an advantage for Polk.

Taking on a Heads-Up master like Polk was also an error in judgment for Negreanu. Heads Up poker has never been the Hall of Famer’s forte, whereas it was the very subject that Polk mastered when he was one of the dominant players in the online game. But it is part of poker that someone believes that they’ve got a chance in any game, so you must give kudos to Negreanu for taking the shot. Where do the two men go from here? Polk may just drift back to retirement after backing the truck up and Negreanu will probably be playing poker when he’s 80 (and, like Doyle Brunson, still be playing at a high level). But the two men have given the poker world an entertaining three months of action and, for that, we’ve got to show our appreciation.

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Doug Polk wins heads up challenge against Negreanu for $1.2 million

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 Winner Winner Polk Dinner!!
After what seemed like an eternity, the much-publicised poker grudge match is finally over.
And Doug Polk won! Huge! 1.2 Million!

Session: +$255,722 over 1718 hands
Total: +$1,200,000 over 25000 hands
We won guys. We did it.
— Doug Polk (@DougPolkVids) February 4, 2021

Doug Polk Vs Daniel Negreanu challenge recap
Polk vs Negreanu bad blood has been there for years, with the former using his Youtube channel to express his displeasure on Negreanu’s playing style, openly criticizing him whenever an opportunity showed itself.
Well, last year, they decided to duel on the felt in a winner-take-all grudge match. Initially, the heads-up challenge was scheduled to start in October but it was later rescheduled to November.
The challenge did not have a specific time frame but it was to run perpetually until 25,000 hands were complete. However, the losing player had a chance to end the challenge prematurely at the halfway mark.

Doug Polk dominates Negreanu
Negreanu started rather strongly and quickly built a $116k lead after just 200 hands-which were played live.  However, after the transition to, the hot run simply fizzled out. Polk won more than $200k during the second session after a jaw-dropping, aggressive performance.
Negreanu’s luck continued to deteriorate as he lost more than $160k in the third session. However, he was able to win back $87k  during the fourth session.  Polk run of bad beats soon ensued and he lost more than $350k over four sessions, with Negreanu holding on to a $179k lead.
However, big wins in session 9,10, and 11 helped Polk to regain the lead, which he held on to until the very end.

Polk wins final session for $255k
Going to the final session, Polk already had $940k lead. Since Negreanu’s comeback at this stage was practically impossible, everyone expected Polk to play it slow.
However, he went in harder than before and won roughly $255k at the end.
Cumulatively, Polk managed to win $1.2 million off Negreanu.
In addition, he will earn roughly $550k from various side bets where he had bet on himself. Talk of self-confidence.

We sampled a few reactions from Twitter after his big win.

Huge congrats to @DougPolkVids. Incredible performance. Will go down as one of the best ever 🐐
— Ryan Riess (@RyanRiess1) February 4, 2021

One of the things I will remember is when you ended a session down $380k and at one point you were down $450k, and you were laughing and smiling and not talking about shoving teeth up people’s asses. I don’t think you called one person on “c*cksucker” either… you vegan?
— James McCue (@jamestmccue) February 4, 2021

Enjoy your retirement. I think we will see you in some big tourney in a couple of years, but man you are living the dream. Your hard work gives you the option to just quit (which is weird, hard work/quitting) and do something else. GL GL on your journey, just don’t quit trolling
— James McCue (@jamestmccue) February 4, 2021

What’s next for Doug Polk?
For several months now, Polk has reiterated that he is not keen on a return to professional poker. This may be the last time we see him competing professionally. But, who knows? Maybe a lucrative offer in the future will bring him back. We just have to wait and see.

Haha unfortunately this is a limited time offer, very shortly im packng it in. Im sure there are other guys who would give you some action tho.
Also appreciate the kind words ^^
— Doug Polk (@DougPolkVids) February 3, 2021
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